Let us pay homage to the Lord Buddha, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One, the incomparably Virtuous One who provides refuge to all beings with boundless and unvarying compassion!

Lord Buddha’s sole and the noblest intention was to open the path of nibbana, the ultimate freedom, to all suffering beings. Being the immensely Compassionate and the unfathomably Wise One He is, Lord Buddha showed the true state of the world to countless suffering beings and helped them realize nibbana, the ultimate happiness. Given that Buddhahood is one of the rarest occurrences in time, we are so fortunate to live in a time where nibbana is still within reach and Noble friends (Kalyana Friends) who can guide us onto the Lord Buddha’s path of nibbana are still present among us. This website is a result of our efforts to make the nibbana path accessible to all beings all over the world. A collection of sermons, articles and other resources aimed at disseminating the Dhamma are included in this website. May all beings reap the utmost benefits of these resources and discover their way to nibbana, the ultimate liberation!!!

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  • Kalana Weta

    18 January, 2019

    Kalana Weta Kalana Weta is a brand-new initiative by the Monastery to support our devout upāsakas and upāsikās who seek noble...