Children's Page

There seems a resurgence the world over in the search for Dhamma as taught by Lord Buddha. This is seen as a life enriching phenomenon. It is clearly evident that spiritually inclined children are born into this world. These blessed children appear to be born to parents who tread the path of Dhamma.

A child nurtured with loving kindness, treading on the path of Dhamma from a young age may one day end his or her journey in sansara by attaining supreme Arahanthhood. Parents have the indispensible responsibility to guide their children towards the right path of noble living. It is very important that your child is brought up protected from inappropriate or ignoble company in a spiritual environment from a very young age, enabling him or her to grasp the importance of the teachings of the Lord Buddha.

Provision of a conducive environment is essential for the spiritual upbringing of these children who are born with a special gift that can be utilized for the enrichment of the Sasana which begins with their own salvation.

In an era when man is inspired to push the boundaries of intellectual capability, it is particularly crucial that the youth of today is offered sage advice and guidance at the right opportunities so that they may direct their talents and skills for the betterment of all sentient beings in all worlds. Thus, it is the foremost responsibility of the parents to encourage their children to pursue the path of Dhamma to achieve greater heights in their spiritual journey as well as contribute to the furtherance of the Sambuddha Sasana in no small measure.

The Children’s page is primarily for the benefit of your child. This should provide an incentive to parents who are ambitious of encouraging their children to join the Sasana.

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